What is MillHouse?

MillHouse Foundation, Inc.

MillHouse Foundation kickoff event at the McKinney Cotton Mill.

MillHouse Foundation is our 501(c)(3) charitable and educational corporation created to promote women in the arts and entrepreneurship. The objective is for women to flourish through meaningful connections, social and educational activities, and access to shared resources; in order to create social, creative, and economic impact in the community. The organizing team recognized the need to create MillHouse McKinney, a 501 (c)(6) business league to raise awareness and improve business opportunities for small business women in creative fields.

MillHouse McKinney at the Cotton Mill


MilllHouse McKinney is a 501(c)(6) [pending] corporation to support the business climate for women, which includes membership-based studios to co-work and create together in the social space, with access to art, photography, and wellness studios. Special events reflect members’ interests. Business coaching and childcare are available.

Member Experience


MillHouse McKinney members are many things: fun, creative, clever, feisty, curious, bold, focused, and serene. One thing we have in common: we seek to connect with one another on a deeper level. MillHouse McKinney is your space to co-work or play, relax and recharge, explore new friends and ideas, and rediscover forgotten dreams. #work #play #grow #create #flourish

What makes MillHouse unique?

The MillHouse Foundation Team believes that when interesting women gather together, amazing and unexpected things happen. We designed an environment where our members can work or have fun, reset expectations, rediscover who we uniquely are, excavate our buried dreams, and find new ways to flap our butterfly wings to lift one another up as we journey through life together.  And we're seeing it happen already!!

The four-studio facility design at MillHouse McKinney at the Cotton Mill makes it easy for members to socialize with women from different backgrounds and experiences who they might not otherwise spend time with. Each member can sink into a comfy couch with a laptop, relax with girlfriends, or try out new ideas and skills through activities and workshops. Wellness classes are only a few steps away from the social space, and encourage the pursuit of emotional and physical health and well being. As members engage in interesting conversations with new-found friends around shared passions, new ideas emerge which lead to community projects or business concepts. The MillHouse team stands ready to support these fledgling concepts through coaching and consultation services, and access to shared resources provided by fellow members and collaborating community providers.

MillHouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation. Your donations support operational expenses to benefit women in the arts and entrepreneurship.

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Every woman is an entrepreneur at heart. Let us be the spark for your creative flame.