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MillHouse McKinney at the Cotton Mill

Women are social creatures. We're honey bees, quick to sample all the flowers in the garden. Once we find something we love, we swarm back with our besties to share the experience. We're best when we're together -- working, relaxing, playing, dreaming, or creating. 

MillHouse McKinney at the Cotton Mill is designed to reflect the innate social-ness of women. The four-studio design encourages cross-pollination of enthusiasm, support, and creativity, as well as refuge, renewal, and restoration. The hive-like environment fosters sweet opportunities for women to connect and bond, as well as enhance entrepreneurial ideas.

We're opening studios in phases, as renovations to the Cotton Mill take place to make room for us. 

ConnectBlock, the 3500 sq. ft anchor studio for co-working and social engagement, will open in October. Inside the space, members can sink into cozy couches with coffee and a laptop, eat with friends at lunch-bunch speaker sessions, relax with yoga, rev up with happy hour activities, learn new skills through special workshops, or create a business concept inspired by conversations, speakers, or classes.

Members are encouraged to bring guests to the hive to share your MillHouse experience. A reception room is available to meet with clients. Moms: child care is available by appointment to give you time to plug into the community and recharge your batteries.


Our 1500 sq. ft. art studio is open with our five fabulous flagship artists. Special events and classes are available to members and non-members in the common area. Come by for a visit! 


Yoga, aromatherapy, and more is available now for members and non-members. As we add more studio space, more classes will be added to the schedule, as well as space for one-on-one instruction and a juice bar. 


LightBlock offers shared studio space, shared equipment, and classes for members and non-members. As we add more studio space, photographers will have access to two shared studios to experiment with natural light and flash light; as well as a client viewing room, hair/makeup station, shared equipment, photo printers. [EXCITING NEWS: We're adding a dark room studio for instruction and use by members!]


The events page will provide timely information on workshops, classes, and activities.

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MillHouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation that promotes female artists and entrepreneurs through educational activities, and access to shared resources; in order to create social, creative, and economic impact.

MillHouse McKinney, is a 501(c)(6)  membership-based business league. The MillHouse McKinney facility at the Cotton Mill is a social, co-working, and creative space  for women to work or play, relax and recharge, explore new friends and ideas,  rediscover forgotten dreams, and thrive. 


Every woman is an entrepreneur at heart, awaiting encouragement, guidance, and resources to awaken and FLOURISH. 

MillHouse McKinney is located at the historic Cotton Mill, 610 Elm Street, Suite 1000, McKinney, Texas.

Every woman is an entrepreneur at heart. Let us be the spark for your creative flame.