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What do MillHouse Members look like? Writers. Readers. Business owners. Stay at home moms. Artists. Creatives. Crafters. Photographers. Wellness enthusiasts. Wine lovers. Chocoholics. Instructors. Students. Entrepreneurs. Employees. Dreamers. Doers. Thinkers. Performers. Members, in essence, look just like YOU!

The Founding Team created MillHouse McKinney as a welcoming space to explore your many different passions within the context of social engagement. As members, you can grab a comfy couch to work on your laptop, take part in events and activities that interest you, lead workshops to share your expertise, or simply recharge your emotional batteries with your besties. Feel free to host clients in the reception room. Adjoining wellness, art, and photography studios offer opportunities for growth and creative expression. Each member has an opportunity to contribute time, talent, or resources back into the community to lift up fellow members. For the business-minded members, we offer start-up consultation and support. Child care is available by appointment.

All members have access to the ConnectBlock social and co-working space, as well as activities, classes, and workshops across the other three studios: ArtBlock, WellBlock, and LightBlock. Members interested in pursuing more opportunities for instruction in art, photography, or wellness, can upgrade their studio memberships, as outlined below.

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